About server downtime….

We actively,updating our server for a new upcoming patch….and servers are down for maintenance.Be sure to visit our website frequently to catch up any updates and news from our team.We apologize for that…

1 Year Anniversary!!!

After a long road starting from Gracia Final to Grand Crusade it has been hard and had tough times,But we continue and we WILL CONTINUE to provide you a fun and happy world.

Every time you log in,you have a chance to get a random raid boss jewel +7.

This event will stop after 3 days.

Happy Gaming with us!!!!

*p.s You can join our other community gameservers in our website. :3


In times like these,we should stay home with our family….Stay home and play at noobgamezone…,the best gracia final server.


In our servers,there is always a Staff member(GM),that can help you around the clock.We help 24/7 through forums.